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Ground Hideout Coffee

Family Owned

We are the Bonilla family! After growing up on a coffee plantation, we learned to taste and appreciate quality coffee sourced from our very own backyard. We dreamt of opening a coffee shop one day and after many years of planning, we were able to do so in the heart of Downtown Long Beach! We believe in creating a welcoming environment while serving quality coffee to connect our local community and beyond. We can't wait to meet you!


Our Drinks

We serve specialty coffee roasted fresh every week from our partner, Verve Coffee based in Santa Cruz. Whether it's a classic cup of drip coffee, single-origin pour-over, or latte, we make it all! Our drinks our precisely measured down to the gram for the best tasting, highest quality espresso. We also offer specialty drinks that rotate every season. For our tea-drinking friends, we serve organic teas, traditional matcha, masala chai, and more. 

Our Food

While our focus is on coffee, we have several food offerings including freshly baked artisan pastries daily that are organic, free of preservatives, or additives with ingredients sourced from California farms. Vegan + gluten-free options are available too. We also make amazing breakfast burritos and specialty toasts in house - perfect for eating here or take it on the go.

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